The American broker is EF Hutton announced plans to provide its customers with analytical information about cryptocurrencies.

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— EF Hutton (@efhuttononline) 6 September 2018 R.

As noted in a press release, reports scriptactive will contain information about changes in currency exchange rates, ratings as well as the evaluation of the performance of various industry players.

“Many investors are simply overwhelmed by many of the developing cryptocurrency. They know they can trust EF Hutton in terms of training and dissemination of information about this new asset class. This is the most important of our initiatives for clients”, — said the head of Christopher Daniels.

Also at EF Hutton noted that only a small number of investors from the US store cryptocurrency. They highlight the people’s interest in the new assets.

Note that according to research by YouGov, 50 percent of Millennials consider bitcoin as primary payment method.