A veteran of the bitcoin industry and former Chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation Brock pierce in an interview with Forbes magazine made some predictions for 2019, saying in particular that he expects the growth of decentralized applications (dApps), market growth STO and the industry of online games.


Decentralized applications based on platforms such as the EOS, Ethereum, Tron and Cardano has recently become more and more, and according to Brock pierce, in 2019, this market segment will show explosive growth.

“We see really great things that will be numerous applications with millions of users,” — said the businessman.

According to him, the fact that the market from the point of view of the prices has fallen, that only helps.

“When prices are high, is created not so much new… All suddenly become too rich and it demotivates people. The best that I have ever seen, created in a bear market,” says Pearce.

He also said there are three necessary conditions necessary to ensure that decentralized apps do found mass recognition.

“You need three things. They must be scalable, they should be cheap from the point of view of the commissions and easy to use. They should be fast. Nobody would use the Internet if it is slow, expensive and won’t scale. We are creating a new Internet, so you need to set new standards.”

According to Pierce, the blockchain projects of the third generation, which satisfy these requirements, today includes EOS, Tron and Cardano.


Also Brock pierce mentioned Security Token Offerings (STO), which are often considered a logical extension of the ICO model, offering a more secure environment for investment.

“Security tokens will be the beginning of a market worth many billions of dollars. We see the tokenization of Fiat money, debt markets, real estate, shares and art objects”, — says pierce.

Noting that the ICO are unable to adequately protect market participants, he expressed the belief that in this respect, the STO will provide investors with a more quality experience.

The gaming industry

Another area which, in the opinion of the Pier, waiting for active growth, this industry blockchain-games.

“It will be a huge part of the whole process. Many of the early adopters of cryptocurrencies were gamers. That is why this area grew so Korea and China. It was the markets, where people played video games and bought and sold virtual currency for games like Second Life and World of Warcraft. It was the first wave, which gave impetus to the proliferation of cryptocurrencies, and therefore I think that games in all their forms – are one of the main drivers of the success of the entire ecosystem,” — said pierce.

Additionally, he noted, these applications of cryptocurrencies, as the instant messengers and p2p payments between individuals who do not have full access to banking services. According to Pierce, it is about two thirds of the world’s population, which creates huge opportunities for industry development.

We will remind, earlier this year, Pearce has proposed a plan to revive the exchange Mt. Gox. His statements, however, questioned the former head of the platform, mark Karpeles.

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