The CEO of cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase Brian Armstrong reported that staff acquired his company Neutrino analytical startup, previously worked for the organisation Hacking Team will not be able to remain in their existing positions.

“The verification process was formed gap. We studied the technology and safety of the product Neutrino, but have not carried out the necessary assessment in the context of its own mission and values as a cryptocurrency company. Last week we took the time to understand the situation, and together with the Neutrino came to an agreement: those who previously worked in the Hacking Team (although they are not related to Hacking Team), leave Coinbase,” wrote Armstrong.

The news that the employees of Neutrino in the past have been associated with assisting authoritarian regimes in the persecution of journalists and political activists turned to exchange a negative reaction of a number of market participants and calls to boycott its services.

Coinbase itself has previously stated that she was aware of the past of the co-founders Neutrino, which she does not justify, but the technology startups the best available for solving the task of self-security and control of user data.

Armstrong also noted that the need for the integration of appropriate technology was due to the fact that third-party providers of analytic solutions do not support all the assets that the exchange wants to see on their platform. Sales data of customers of Coinbase, one of the suppliers of such solutions in his statement, he had not touched.

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