Brazilian football Serie B Avai Futebol Clube announced plans to release its own cryptocurrency to create a digital ecosystem for their fans and attract investment.

Avai inova e anuncia parceria para ter sua própria moeda.https://t.co/61N5vqadRS

— Avai Futebol Clube (@AvaiFC) September 12, 2018

The club will hold the ICO, which sell 20,46 million tokens for $1 apiece. A further 1.54 million tokens (about 7% of the total) will remain with the Issuer.

The funds received the club plans to send to go to Serie a, to take part in the prestigious Copa Libertadores championship and build physical infrastructure.

Tocancel starting October 3rd. On the development and launch of the ICO team is working together with SportyCo and Blackbridge Sports.

According to the President of the Avai Futebol Clube , josé Battistotti (José Battistotti), ICO aimed at a global audience of football fans.

Investors who acquire the tokens of the club will be able to be traded on exchanges and for them to buy tickets, other goods, and to pay for their participation in various activities.

Minimum Avai Futebol Clube is planning to raise $8 million If this level is not reached, all funds collected will be returned. In that case, if the club will draw from $8 million to $20 million, but will not reach the top goal, unsold tokens will be burned.

Recall that earlier this week the football club Paris Saint-Germain have announced plans to launch their own token on the platform Socios.