Alessandro Santos, a Brazilian architect, engineer and bitcoin aficionado, as he himself describes, that is, a lover of bitcoin, recently opened in Paraty, a town 260 km from Sao Paulo hostel that accepts cryptocurrency.

The opening of the hostel, aptly called Bitcoin Hostel, took place on 16 August. All places in the hostel on the occasion of opening was requested in advance. According to local news Agency Portal do Bitcoin, Santos has lived in Paraty for three years, and recently decided to invest in the cryptocurrency hostel.

According to the Agency, all services of the hostel, including Breakfast and tours can be paid in cryptocurrency. Santos decided to invest in a hostel, when I realized that most tourists are interested in cryptocurrencies. He says:

We are located on the road to the falls, and past us every day are driving jeeps with tourists. The attention they show is impressive. Some even ask the drivers of the jeep to stop to take a picture of the hostel.”

At first, the hostel will only accept bitcoins, and subsequently other currency, XRP, Monero and “all that we will be able to work on a simple account, as for Bittrex.” Santos has mentioned plans to sell bitcoins at the hostel, although it said that is unable to talk about it because of confidentiality agreements.

According to the architect, the mission of the hostel is to help the growth of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Santos says he would like to see hostel “at the head of the movement”,which will help other businesses around to accept cryptocurrency payments. Hostel if it succeeds, then other restaurants and hostels will follow the example, said Santos.

Bitcoin receives in Brazil are becoming more widespread. Two national football teams have recently signed cooperation agreements with cryptocurrency startup Inoovi, and large exchange Huobi now moved to Brazil.