As you know, cryptocurrency platform more and more to build the strategy of their work to trade with Fiat and to offer products that are focused on large volumes of transactions and create the infrastructure for entering the stock market institutional investors — all this leads to the fact that kapatral drawn frames with wall street, and indeed top-managers of large companies. In recent days, in the information field, there have been several posts on this subject.

The brotherhood billionaires the Winklevoss decided to Polish to a Shine work trading equipment which they received for their Gemini crypto currency exchange from NASDAQ in the framework of partnerships. To effectively make things work, they hired Robert Cornish, a former chief specialist of the new York stock exchange on information technology. Cornish is expected to find a common language with investors on wall street, where he worked for about 20 years. Scale of work is remarkable. Cornish, of course, bribed, to create a new position in Gemini — Director of the digitization.

The company Ripple announced on 11 July that hires Kahina van dyke, who worked as Director for financial services and payment services Facebook. In Ripple, she was offered no less than the top position — the Vice-President of business development and corporate development.

Van dyke is not the first top Manager of Facebook, that are interested in cryptocurrency field: David Marcus, who continues to work for Mark Zuckerberg and recently got a new name for his position, sounding like “the team leader on technical issues and the blockchain” in December of last year I was invited to work as a member of the Board of Directors of the largest American crypto currency exchange Coinbase (currently has over 10 million active customers). In Сoinbase from the beginning of March came another top Manager — Emily Choi, who previously worked at LinkedIn, Director of M&A and went to cryptomeria for a position with similar functionality.

12 Jul Tether, the company behind the famous and challenging different interpretations of the same Aldona-steilcoom, took the position of Director oversight of legal compliance of corporate operations Leonard RIELA. He previously worked on the same profile at the Bank of Montreal, occupying eighth place in terms of assets among the credit institutions of the North American region.

This turns into a trend and cryptocurrency sector becomes attractive for professionals and, by the way, proves its significant role in any country’s economy, creating jobs, and becoming a place of discovery for new top managers, who had gone about that in the major classical companies. In tryptomer left Citigroup trader Arthur Hayes, opened its cryptocurrency trading platform.

Two experts of trading in securities in the company Blackrock, Adam Gimli and Michael Wong, opened a cryptocurrency hedge Fund Prime Factor Capital. Long head interest on securities Sheri Kayzerman to bitcoins, which appeared in 2013, when it was first published in the pages of the American business newspaper the Wall Street Journal analysis of the valuation of the cryptocurrency the number one, led to the fact that it is after 18 years in the classical world stock finally went in March of this year tryptomer, acting as a co-founder of blockchain-investment Fund Management. Among those who left the work in the classics and left to deal with the cryptocurrency, Travis Kiesling, who served as a portfolio Manager at Point72 Asset Management and now supervises investments in crypto.

Vladislav Ginko, economist, expert at the Russian public service Academy at the President of the Russian Federation, especially for Coinspot