Experts of the Chinese company Qihoo 360Netlab discovered a botnet Fbot that seeks and destroys other botnet – com.ufo.miner, malicious variant identified in February this year, the miner ADB.Miner for mining Monero on Android devices. While Fbot uses blockchain DNS EmerDNS instead of the traditional domain name system, which complicates its detection.

Analysts believe that the Fbot is closely linked to the botnet Satori, however, is modified and DDoS attacks hunts for malware: scans the hardware through the open ports, is installed over a discovered com.ufo.miner and self-destructs.

We will remind, in the summer of specialists Qihoo 360 Netlab found that hackers stole more than $20 million tokens, using Ethereum mining farm and application-based Ethereum and the remote procedure call over port 8545. And earlier they had identified a new virus WinstarNssmMiner, which produces Monero on the users ‘ computers and causes a system crash when you try to terminate it.