Aerospace giant Boeing announced a partnership with SparkCognition to develop solutions for flight control of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) based on blockchain technology and artificial intelligence.

“Boeing and SparkCognition will use artificial intelligence technology and the blockchain to track the UAV in flight, distribution, transport corridors and routes and to ensure reliable and safe transportation. In cooperation they will also provide a standardized software interface to support the delivery of the packages, industrial control and other commercial applications,” — said in a press release.

The Boeing company in cooperation will present a newly created division of Boeing NeXt that will develop the company’s experience in the field of UAVs and advanced engines for aircraft. It should also focus on the modeling of “smart cities” and exploring new market opportunities while solving the problems of transportation in the future.

“The development of urban aeromobility can lead to the creation of a market, estimated by some analysts at $3 trillion, the largest in our life. Cooperation is a world leader in the aviation industry with innovative AI company implies that for the solution of this challenging task will involve the entire unprecedented experience in security, innovation, scaling, and reliability,” said founder and CEO SparkCognition Amir Hussain (Amir Husain).

Earlier, Boeing has filed a patent application for a blockchain system to counteract disturbances affecting GPS receivers during flight of the aircraft.