The Boeing company on July 17 announced a program of cooperation with the company SparkCognition involved in the development of artificial intelligence. The goal of the partnership is to create a decentralized platform, “capable of tracking the unmanned aircraft during the flight and to distribute the routes and corridors of movement.”

The partners intend to use blockchain technology for monitoring aircraft next generation, which Boeing plans to use in different commercial purpose — from parcel delivery to urban air, reminiscent of Uber. The Boeing representatives did not specify what exactly the blockchain, the platform will be used.

Now the world’s largest aviation company creates a “daughter” of the Boeing NeXt. Based on the development research Department of the enterprise, the new structure will be engaged in Autonomous flight and journeys of the next generation. Other projects include the Boeing NeXt-of-concept of a hypersonic passenger flights, the creation of flying a cargo of electric vehicles with vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) and the development of urban transport.

In June Boeing-owned venture Fund took part in the campaign of attracting funding SparkCognition the $32 million the Founder and head of SparkCognition Amir Hussain said that we are talking about system project urban air. According to him, some analysts estimate the cost of implementing this model in $3 trillion.