Information-analytical portal BloomChain identified major trends and antitrend cryptocurrency market and ICO in 2018.


  • The growth in ICO. $21.5 billion or 76% of the total volume was brought ICO to ICO and pre-ICO in 2018. The number of projects reached 1 075.
  • STO as a new way of raising funds. On the security token offerings or “adjustable ICO” accounts for approximately 5% of the projects.
  • Stronger regulation. In 2018, the cryptocurrency market, and the ICO was under the scrutiny of regulators. High activity traditionally has shown us Supervisory authorities.
  • The tokenization. “Tokenization” is one of the most popular words in 2018 in krypterade. Proponents of tokenization believe that it will provide market access to a wide range of investors.


  • Depreciation of the cryptocurrency. The market capitalization of the cryptocurrency fell by 77%. Among the TOP-5 of cryptocurrency lost Bitcoin Cash.
  • Cryptderivekey. The failed launch of a Bitcoin ETF and low liquidity futures Bitcoin.
  • Stabilini. The steady trend to monopolization: Tether accounted for 93% of the total volume of this market.
  • IPO mining companies. Major Chinese manufacturers of equipment for mining – Bitmain, Ebang and Canaan and went IPO last year.

Major trends were listed in the report BloomChain on the cryptocurrency market and ICO for the fourth quarter of 2018. With all the data of the report can be found here.

Recall that in December the portal called 7 cryptomundo, which is to follow in 2019.