In comments to Bloomberg, a number of experts noted the intensification of institutional investors in the area of OTC trading in cryptocurrency, and professionalization of this field.

The Director of the Chicago manufacturing company Cumberland, cryptocurrency division of the company DRW Holdings LLC, Cho Bobby (Bobby Cho) argues that the decline over the past 4-6 months the volatility of the cryptocurrency institutional investors spend more of their OTC transactions for the purchase of these assets in the amount of $100 thousand, than wealthy individual investors. While the big sellers of cryptocurrency – miners – began to hold regular sales of coins instead of having to hold them in anticipation of the next sharp rise in prices.

According to the founder of Bcause Flake Tom (Tom Flake), miners prefer to liquidate assets outside of the exchanges. As the founder of a hedge Fund Ikigai Travis Kling (Kling Travis) told Bloomberg that institutional investors are particularly interested in bitcoins, which were not in circulation and cannot be involved in a scheme to launder illegally obtained money.

However, the head of Circle Internet Financial Jeremy Allaire (Jeremy Allaire) said their company digit growth in the direction of OTC trading. And, according to the Digital Assets and Research TABB Group, the volume of OTC transactions with cryptocurrencies in April ranged from $250 million up to $30 billion a day, and trading volumes on cryptomeria recently reached the level of $15 billion, which is almost 80% less than peak prices in the stock market.

We will remind that in July the U.S. Forbes wrote about the fact that the experts who predict space growth of bitcoin, expect the introduction of regulation of the cryptocurrency market and access to it from institutional investors. Once these two conditions are fulfilled, according to columinst edition, we can expect the growth of bitcoin “to the moon”.