Bitcoin startup Blockstream released a release of your software to scale the network of bitcoin “c-lightning”. Version 0.7 is the result of eight months of work of a team of experts and is designed to facilitate the development of Bitcoin-based applications Lightning Network (LN).

The main update is associated with the ability for third-party developers to extend the specification by using plug-ins written in any programming language. According to the Blockstream team, it should promote flexibility, scalability and better personalize this implementation LN.

Have the opportunity to send and obtain payments on non-public channels, adding their information into account. Improved management of funds, in particular, strengthened controls, avoiding a number of traps with unconfirmed transactions.

In addition to improved performance, updated documentation and fixed all the bugs of the previous version, which was presented in June 2018.

We will remind, in the beginning of last year Blockstream has developed a system of microplaza for online stores Lightning Charg, supplementing the specification “c-lightning” for Lightning Network. At the same time was launched and an Internet store based Lightning Charge, demonstrating the use of micropayments Lightning in the core network of bitcoin.