Developer blockchain solutions company Blockstream introduced an improved version of its bitcoin wallet, which will now continue life under the name Blockstream Green.

Goodbye old friend πŸ‘‹πŸΌπŸ˜’

β€” Jack Mallers (@JackMallers) March 20, 2019

The app is already available for devices on Android and iOS, soon the company promises to add support for other platforms. Code of both applications is in the public domain and available on GitHub.

The report also says that the purse was originally purchased in July 2017, rewritten from scratch and added new features that make bitcoin storage more secure.

Among the major functions Blockstream Green is possible to allocate two-factor authentication enabled multipoles, as well as support for Tor connections and the concealment of the IP addresses for added privacy. Offline storage wallet can be connected to hardware devices, including the best wallet and also the option of connecting to your own bitcoin node.

Currently Blockstream Green only supports bitcoin, but in the future it is also planned to implement support assets sidechained Liquid.

“Blockstream will be a Green box in bitcoin infrastructure that Blockstream was doing all these years, and integration with a Liquid Network – a key part of our plans”, β€” said the Director for strategic development Blockstream Samson MOU.

We add that, in addition to English, Blockstream is available in Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Russian and Ukrainian languages. The company plans – product localization into other languages.