Blockstream, the company introduced an updated browser blocks for a network of bitcoin and sidechained Liquid.

We’re excited to announce an update to #BlockstreamExplorer which includes no-Javascript support, performance improvements, a transaction broadcast API endpoint, in-browser QR code scanning, and more! πŸ“– πŸ” β›“ this🌊

β€” Blockstream (@Blockstream) 15 fierce 2019 R.

According to company representatives, the new version improves performance, fixes some limitations and added different functions.

In particular Blockstream Explorer now supports address search with unlimited number of transactions. Also the browser is available for users that disable JavaScript in the browser for greater privacy.

In addition:

β€” improved and detailed statistics, which now better fits the UTXO model;
β€” added ability to scan a QR code through a web browser;
β€” updated API documentation.

Note that initially the developers planned to make the browser only sidechained Liquid, but then decided to implement the decision and the network of bitcoin, adding native support for the Protocol and SegWit format addresses bech32. Also Blockstream Explorer supports testnet bitcoin.

The tool is compatible with Confidential Transactions in Liquid and allows you to track the bitcoin addresses associated with transactions in the sidechained. To enhance the privacy of users added support for Tor.

Recall that Blockstream recently introduced a tool Proof of Reserves with which cryptocurrency exchanges can prove their solvency.