After the excitement at the end of last year and the subsequent fall of the cryptocurrency market, according to Google Trends, in the fall of 2018, the interest in the blockchain technology significantly outpaced interest in the topic of cryptocurrencies. So, from mid-may to the second half of September search queries with words [the blockchain] and [сryptocurrency] were almost in the same trend, and then technology took the lead.

Despite the fact that the number of search queries of bitcoin has decreased, it remains the most interesting for cryptocurrency users, and also shows better results than queries [blockchain] and [сryptocurrency] collectively.

Recall that the number of search queries with the word [bitcoin] at the end of October fell by 93% in comparison with the situation in December 2017. This is the lowest rate since may of the same year. However, the number of queries with the words [buy bitcoin] has fallen to the level of April 2017.