Positioning itself as “the first blockchain-a tool designed to help in the creation and management of companies around the world” project Aragon is now available in the main Ethereum.

Decentralized organizations just got real, Aragon 0.6 is now live on Mainnet!

Using 0.6 Aragon, named Alba, you can now create organizations Aragon on the #Ethereum Mainnet. This is a new era for human collaboration and #DAOs.https://t.co/21FNm1fQIO

Aragon (@AragonProject) October 30, 2018

Version 0.6 Aragon received the name of Alba, and as stated in the blog of the project marks a “new era of human interaction”.

The proposed solution allows users to create decentralized Autonomous organizations (DAO) for their communities or businesses with the possibility of a vote. Aragon 0.6 also allows you to use your own tokens for the solution of management problems.

“The possibilities are endless. Now you can implement any process control”, — say representatives of the project.

The developers of Aragon is not recommended to use Alba for storing large amounts, as the team works to find and eliminate vulnerabilities.

Project representatives also noted that since the launch of the network Aragon has created more than 15,000 organizations — more than is created annually by new companies in Austria, Malta and Luxembourg combined.

In may 2017 Aragon held a lightning ICO, just 15 minutes after gathering is scheduled at 275 000 ETH (about 25 million at the exchange rate at the time).

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