Blockchain startup Bitt, which is the venture capital division of the online retailer Overstock, has announced the beginning of cooperation with the Central Bank of curaçao and Saint Martin (CBCS) study on the launch of the digital currency Central Bank (CBDC). Partners need to make a conclusion about the possibility of replacing the Netherlands Antillean Guilder digital and the decreasing use of cash, as well as testing the technology KYC and AML.

The head of the CBCS Leila Matrus-Lasten (Leila Matroos-Lasten), which sees the importance of applying blockchain technology to conduct transgranicznych transfers and digital payments, explained that the startup was selected to implement the stated objectives through regional expertise in the field of digital currencies and macroeconomic views. Bitt previously signed a similar agreement with the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank.

Recall the analyst of the Bank of Canada (BoC) research has shown that cryptocurrency issued by the Central Bank, will potentially benefit the economic welfare of the country. And previously member of the governing Board of the Swiss National Bank (BNS) Andrea Mehler (Andrea Maechler) stated that digital currency the Central Bank can threaten financial stability, and its production does not involve tangible benefits.