Sirin startup Labs, the Creator of the blockchain smartphone Finney, announced integration with the interface of popular crypto MyEtherWallet (MEW).

The Israeli startup will now provide users of wallet to purchase blockchain smartphone via mobile and web platform MEW. In turn, the MEW will be used as the interface for users of Finney.

As noted Sirin Labs and MEW, their partnership is intended to boost adoption of the cryptocurrency and simplify access and management of tokens.

Founder and CEO MEW Hemchandra Kosala (Kosala Hemachandra) noted that the presence of the crypto hardware in the smartphone “extremely valuable” to users.

“Not only will this simplify sending and receiving bitcoin-based transactions, but also will make the cryptocurrency more accessible to a wide range of users,” he said.

According to General co-Director of the Sirin Zvi Landau (Zvi Landau), integration will be “a strong step on the path to increased market share for both companies as these two products complement each other.”

Recall that Sirin Labs has introduced cryptocurrency-centric smartphone Finney in November last year. In January, the company opened in London the first of two flagship concept stores in the sales of the device.