The representative of the blockchain ecosystem-project Tezos tried to invite technical Director of company and developer platform EOS Dan Larimer to join their ranks. This was announced by the CEO Brendan Blumer during a public correspondence with a Professor at Cornell University and well-known crypto-activist Emin sirer Gyun the.

Gyun Sirer, EOS has repeatedly criticized the excessive centralization, in his Twitter has mentioned about the incident on the platform a few days ago.

“EOS failed at the stage of creating a blacklist that would work with its mechanism of consensus, which someone stole more than $7 million Only one is defective the manufacturer of the units was the cause of any such damages. A robust security model does not look right. The system, claiming that it can provide security in the presence of attackers should be able to withstand various threats and not fall because of one improperly configured servers”, — he wrote.

A few months ago, the producers of blocks froze the account with 2 million the EOS, after his owner appealed to the Central arbitration EOS forum (ECAF) and reported that the hacker took control of private keys. Platform games.eos, recently included in the top 21 candidates in the manufacturers of the blocks and, with it, received the opportunity to release the blocks that have not updated their blacklist, which allowed the attacker to withdraw locked by other network means.

Bloomer spoke out in defense of Larimer:

“With all due respect, if EOS has a flawed structure, then why Tezos so actively trying to hire a Larimer to work on their Protocol, which is also based on the findings of Dan region DPoS?”

Co-Founder attached a letter in which Tocqueville Group that creates a publicly available software development Tezos, trying to convince the Larimer join the work on her product.

“Judging from your page on Github, you’re using functional programming. I would like to know, would you be interested in an offer of joining a startup at an early stage of development, which need a technical Director? You will be able to become technical Director of TQ Group in the United States, work at conferences and to introduce us to a wider audience,” — said in the letter.

Later joined the debate himself Larimer:

“The issue of freezing accounts blocks manufacturers has caused heated debate. We have provided the tools to separate blocks manufacturers could censor transactions at its node, but complicated the process without installing the universal censorship.”

In late November, Larimer reiterated that participates in the development of a new token, which the network has spread rumors that soon he can leave EOS. The developer, however, has repeatedly stated that such intentions he has not.

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