Hello friends. I think many of You have already heard about blockchain Coin project Blacer BLCR or know the players eSports team Blacer. It’s time to tell more about this organization and on this project, especially since recently it has many top CIS players, and recently the team had a great national tournament, where he wins the Dota 2.

Organization Blacer was created 3 years ago in Poland, registered in England and brings together players: SC2, Dota 2, CS:GO, HS, Fortnite from around the world.

The team players in Starcraft 2 has achieved global recognition and perform in such prestigious leagues and tournaments like GSL, IEM, WESG.

Just a couple of days ago a Korean player Blacer Bunny was held in RO-8 GSL defeating such opponents as Solar, Parting and Maru in December, the player Blacer Bly won the Ukrainian qualifications WESG 2018 and will represent Ukraine at the world Championships in China.

Five players Starcraft 2 was Blacer in the finals of the IEM in Katowice in the end of February 2019. Organization Blacer has four trains in the discipline Dota 2 which includes players at Titan 6500 MMR and more. On the same level playing players to CS:GO and Hearstone. Four trains Blacer Fortnite play on a global level with teams of Tier 1, the player Blacer Strey takes 2nd place in world rating in 2v2 Duo Fortnite PC

ESports organization Blacer is in step with the times and is the first who launched a blockchain project for their team and the whole esport community.

Blacer Coin is the blockchain-a project that revolutionairy eSports scene. The project allows players of different levels (beginners, intermediate or advanced) from all over the world to participate in online and offline tournaments on the platform Blacer. The winners are awarded with coins Blacer. Rewards can be used on the trading floor blacershop.com to buy gaming equipment such as headsets, keyboard, mouse, system unit, game keys and other goods. Gamers can also convert your coins to bitcoins and exchanged for any currency in the world on cryptomeria which presents coin Coin Blacer BLCR.

Blacer is the first eSports team in the blockchain!

Blacer Coin functions as a means of payment in blacershop.com and as currency for tournaments and paying players. Platform game based on the blockchain allows players to create a global and authentic gaming rating.


Daily sales Blacer Coin on world markets exceeds $ 150,000, and the owners of the master nodes according to the developers, can count on a daily ROI of about$ 200.

The project Blacer Coin BLCR is in the TOP 500 on the website coinmarketcap.com that can not cause additional confidence in the project.

The creators of the idea using the gaming platform Blacer, gamers will be able to know their value on the market, calculate how much they can earn, find sponsors and improve your skills, finding a suitable opponent of the same skill level.

Blacer already hold online tournaments which are covered on YouTube, Twitch, Afreecatv, as well as LAN tournaments in different cities and countries. Their tournaments are thousands of spectators and players on those channels.

At the moment, the organization Blacer consists of 43 players 6 game disciplines.

Today Blacer Coin has reached such important milestones as the formation of the core team, creating a functional web site, brand image and technical documentation. They were also listed on some crypto exchanges including CoinExchange, CryptoBridge and Escodex.

Other important moments in their road map, are launching their mobile wallets, holding eSports tournaments using blacer coins, run their sponsorship program, documentation update and expansion of the team.

As you can see from the eSports organization Blacer and project BlacerCoins far-reaching plans. It will be interesting to watch not only the stellar performances of team members especially for Ukrainian players, but also the development of the platform Blacer in a rapidly changing market of eSports.

Learn more about BlacerCoins can be found on their website and social networks.

Websites https://blacercoin.com, https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/blacer-coin/, https://masternodes.online/currencies/BLCR/, https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5101146