The operator of crypto added full support for token-Stellar lumens (XLM), and together on this occasion, the two companies announced “the world’s largest distribution of cryptocurrency” for users of crypto who wishes to participate in it. It is planned to distribute tokens XLM $125 million, representing 2.6% of all XLM in circulation, or 0.47% of the issue volume.

According to the developers is “a great way to promote decentralization and adaptation of new networks” because the participants airdrop campaign can “test, sell and convey” new scriptactive without the need to mine or buy them.

And the Stellar Development Foundation, a campaign I see as the key point of “building a more inclusive digital economy”. The head of the organization McCaleb jed (Jed McCaleb) calls free distribution of cryptocurrency project “inviting communities to develop the services they need”.

The first distribution of tokens will take place this week, however, remains unknown specific amount that will accrue to users.

Recall that yesterday under the guise of “the world’s largest distribution of 10 thousand Bitcoic” on behalf of the inventor and entrepreneur Elon musk (Elon Musk), the attackers lured from Twitter users about $185 thousand.