The team of cryptocurrency Beam announced about temporary suspension of the network, which occurred on the unit No. 25709. Reportedly, the problem has caused the two created a copy of the file wallet.db crypto, which reposted the blockchain UTXO – and the ill-treatment operations has led to the emergence of invalid block.

According to the developers, the problem was immediately resolved. Blocks in the network is not generated 2.5 hours, the transaction was not carried out for about 5 hours, but loss of funds has not occurred. In this case, all operators of nod were encouraged to upgrade to the Agile Atom 1.1.4202.

Beam The Blockchain Stop Event, Jan. 21st, 2019 — Post-Mortem #SovereigntyByDesign #mimblewimble

— @Beamprivacy (@beamprivacy) January 21, 2019

Recall that the launch Beam is the world’s first cryptocurrency based on the Protocol Mimblewimble – was held on 3 January. 10 days ago a team of project developers reported the discovery of a critical vulnerability in crypto Beam Wallet that pose a risk to users of all desktop and command-line versions of the application.