The developers of the startup introduced a new version of software for the blockchain EOS — Dawn 4.0, focused on Proof-Of-Concept for interoperability between blockchains.

As stated in the blog, 43 the author has made changes to the repository on GitHub, where the project is among the eight most active on the basis of the programming language C++.

Introducing EOSIO Dawn 4.0

— EOS (@EOS_io) 5 may 2018.

The major innovation of this version is the change in the definition of the current time with the time leading block for the current block, which solves the problem of operations in the context of missed blocks and allows you to precisely measure elapsed time in the framework of smart contracts.

Developers used the algorithm Bancor system EOS contract for transition to market mechanisms of distribution of databases between stalkerami token, in order to avoid a potential deficit in the future.

In believe that the developers of decentralized applications on the blockchain EOS prefer the approach of a parallel circuit (so-called parallelism) with multi-threaded execution, which would relieve the main circuit and will optimize its work.

Dawn in version 4.0, the developers have also updated the irreversible algorithm of the last block in the framework of delegated Proof-Of-Stake, in order to ensure the completeness of transactions in the conditions of interaction of different chains.

It is worth emphasizing that in the new software added support for validation of header-only units for lightweight clients and Protocol interoperability.

We will remind, earlier EOS has reached a new alltime high, breaking the mark of $20.