Virus CryptoCurrency Clipboard Hijackers are able to monitor the 2.3 million cryptocurrency addresses and change them to data from other wallets, according to Bleeping Computer.

Malware discovered in the package All-Radio Portable 4.27. Last week, the hackers faked the program and gave the infected version over the original.

With the activation of the package, the Trojan begins imperceptibly for the user to run in the background. So, after installation in the Temp folder on Windows loads a DLL file called “d3dx11_31.dll”. When the user restarts the computer, it creates an autorun program that opens the DLL file. Execution DLL file by using the command “rundll32 C:Users[user-name]AppDataLocalTempd3dx11_31.dll,includes_func_runnded”.

Then the virus searches the Windows clipboard BTC address. If the funds transfer is to copy the address without verification, the bitcoin get wallet Scam.

As writes the edition, the best way to protect yourself from such viruses is to re — examine the copied cryptocurrency addresses and to use antivirus programs.

Note, CryptoCurrency Clipboard Hijackers virus is unique due to the number of addresses that are monitored. Earlier Bleeping Computer found malware that monitored for more than 600 thousand addresses.

ForkLog previously reported that for the first quarter of 2018 McAfee Labs found over 2.9 million malicious programs for covert mining of cryptocurrencies.