Kriptoservis payroll Bitwage plans to help companies conduct IPOs of coins (ICO), writes CoinDesk.

On Tuesday, the company said it has created a new consulting firm Inwage that will help traditional companies to develop and conduct the sale of tokens. The platform will include modules for the procedures of identification of clients, processing payments, and dividends, as well as to create a custom master page and an administrative portal.

In addition, Inwage will provide assistance in the creation/audit of smart contracts and sites. The new service will also allow customers to help in marketing and PR.

According to the President of Bitwage’s Jonathan Chester, Inwage owes its creation to the fact that some people and companies have begun to turn to them for guidance on technical and marketing aspects of ICO.

“We started the development of ICO technology, which can be used without the mediation of third parties. People can buy a license for the software InWage themselves to manage it. It is, in fact, one of the best things about ICO – the ability to sell digital assets, without resorting to third parties,” he explained.

According to Chester, the firm has helped companies GS Mining Company and Ethmint to release the token to Moria – “the world’s first decentralized investment platform for the extraction of noble metals”. He noted that initially the company planned to raise $ 30 million, but it collected $ 50 million.

Bitwage is hoping to cooperate with other services to ensure “regulatory consistency and the channels of investment that will help to make ICO available to companies of all sorts and sizes,” said Chester.