Cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex has announced that individual and corporate clients now available I/o piatogo the US dollar. However, while this option is available only to residents of California, Washington, new York and Montana.

Bittrex retail (personal account) customers: If you reside in WA, CA, NY, MT and qualified international regions, you might be eligible to join @BittrexExchange Fiat (USD) trading markets. Learn more about applying for USD trading:

— Bittrex (@BittrexExchange) 23 Jul 2018

Note that users must submit the appropriate request to obtain permission to Deposit/withdraw USD. Before the option becomes available, be sure to also go through KYC procedure and confirm control over a specified Bank account.

Recall that in may Bittrex entered into an agreement with new York Bank Signature Bank, which allowed the trading floor to add support piatogo the US dollar.

Earlier exchange has launched trading bitcoin Tether and TrueUSD Vietnam paired with the US dollar.