TRON Foundation revealed details of the integration plan, with BitTorrent in the framework of the project Atlas. So, in a press release reported that the activity of service users will be encouraged tokens TRX.

In the first stage BitTorrent will connect its peering network to the TRON blockchain for token use TRX. The latter will be used by network users for the purchase of special services and additional options, including increased download speed.

Also tokens TRX, content creators can reward the seeders (those who support distribution of files). The company believes that this approach will motivate seeds to allocate wider channels for distribution and as long as you can store files.

“For a start, the product would assume faster loading, more number of seeders, the lack of mining and backwards compatibility. It is adapted to contemporary realities: a mobile, integrated, and transparent. Ultimately, we strive to keep all content creators and their communities, eliminating intermediaries and making available a direct distribution of content among users”, — said CEO of the Tron project Justin San.

The press release also emphasizes that the Protocol Tron uses a mechanism of consensus Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS). This means that the reward in the form of tokens will be “based on the provided resources” and will not depend on the processing power of user computers. Also noted that the BitTorrent will remain free.

The deal on its acquisition by BitTorrent was closed in June of this year.

Earlier, Justin San said that BitTorrent will allow Tron to beat Ethereum by number of transactions, and also to become “the most influential bloccano in the world.”