Expensive sports cars like Lamborghini has long been considered the attributes of the rappers secret agents in movies or even popes, though the current Pope Francis sold his the other day.

Recently, however, “Lambo” became a status symbol cryptocurrency traders is clear evidence of their fabulous enrichment. No wonder Sunday, may 13, in the middle of Manhattan you could hear the roar of engines of cars heading to the venue of the blockchain conference by Consensus. Cars parked near the Hilton hotel, attracting well-deserved attention. Demonstration of “Lambo” was intended to show that captainvalor and capturadora have a chance to strike it rich, similar to the traditional financial sector.

Alas, driving a sports car sat the owners cryptomnesia: exchange BitMex just rented a Lamborghini for a day. This fact reminds us that while a new industry of cryptocurrency — only a small segment of the global economy.

Cars “Lamborghini” in the blockchain conference by Consensus

May 14 in an interview with CNBC President and chief Executive officer of Automobili Lamborghini Stefano Domenicali said:

I believe that the passion for Lamborghini is explained by the appearance of a young generation that is willing to make very risky investments. I see a link between the desire of young people to the tremendous wealth of price for bold investment and the fact that our clients are very young.

American classical image of the “man who made himself” allows us to understand the obsession of the members of the cryptocurrency community with luxurious cars. A good explanation for this phenomenon gives a leading YouTube channel tai Lopez, whose 1.2 million subscribers. Lopez specializiruetsya on tips on how to achieve wealth and success.

Even in 2015, he said, proudly posing in front of his black “Lambo”:

I bought a Lamborghini because it’s a reminder that dreams can come true. Because recently I lived in the godforsaken town, where he spent the night in the trailer and had the account for just $47.

Lamborghini is not the only luxury items that went in during the Week of the Blockchain. May 16, company co-founder Ethereum’s Anthony Di Iorio of Decentral threw a party aboard a rented yacht, where they invited 1000 guests. Social networks can be seen as the partiers dancing to electronic music, watch a fascinating video about the cryptocurrency on the screens around the dance floor and admire the two cars “Aston Martin”, parked near the yacht. On the door of one of the cars was placed the logo of the Ethereum, and the wheels of the other of bitcoin.

When around midnight the boat returned to the docks of Manhattan, bracelets two of the partygoers that the night shone blue suddenly flashed a different color. Those two are winners, who got the “Aston Martins” cost approximately $160 000 each. About this episode said the head company of Polymath Trevor Koverko, who were among guests on Board the yacht.

Some fans of the digital currency even created sites, counting how many bitcoins you will need to purchase a Lamborghini. The phrase “When the “Lambo”?” appears frequently in memes, tweets and posts on Reddit that belong to users who want to know when the cryptocurrency assets will give them a life of luxury. In addition, investors can buy a mock token Lambocoin who “developed” the cat with the face of actor Nicolas cage.

“That’s why they hate us,” wrote may 14 in the Twitter one bitminer, commenting on photos “Lambo” in the place of the conference Consensus.

The other enthusiast replied: “People think we’re insane, but crazy ones that change the world”.

According to the materials of Bloomberg