Examining information on the 222 projects that spent the ICO on the Ethereum blockchain, analysts BitMEX TokenAnalyst Research and came to the conclusion that the withdrawal of such projects may not have a significant impact on the price of the top Aldona. This conclusion is based on the fact that as of September 2018 a large part of the attracted funds they have already sold and “rather sit on unrealized income than unrealized losses.”

Thus, according to estimates BitMEX, all ICO projects have attracted 15 million 183 thousand 779 ETH and brought 11 million 325 thousand 121 ETH. That is, their balance is 3 million 858 thousand 659 ETH – about $830 million

However, many of the ICO projects have attracted Ether sold at a price substantially above the current, which brought them to $727 million profit. Their aggregate unrealized losses of $311 million against $403 million of unrealized income.

Earlier, analysts of the company Diar found that the reserves of many blockchain projects significantly exceed the amounts collected by them during the ICO, and the output remaining after the sale, 62% collected at tokentalk of funds can lead to additional impact on the depreciation of the ETH. And TrustNodes noted that the ICO projects have begun to actively sell the ETH. However, a financial analyst and former chief strategist at JPMorgan Chase Tom Lee (Tom Lee) believe that Ethereum will soon undergo “a trend reversal and sharp increase” to $1,900 per unit to the end of 2019.