Experts cryptocurrency exchange BitMEX has analyzed the effectiveness of Segregated Witness Protocol in the core network of bitcoin. It is noteworthy that before the start of the stress test of the Bitcoin network Cash SegWit the number of transactions was higher than the rates in August to fork more than 95%.

SegWit Cash vs Bitcoin transaction volume update & Bitcoin Cash flow investor update

We provide an update on the Bitcoin Cash and SegWit metrics we were tracking

— BitMEX Research (@BitMEXResearch) 14 Oct 2018

Since the creation of Bitcoin Cash users have carried out about 22.1 million SegWit transactions on the bitcoin network that currently approximately 17% more total BCH number of transactions (18.9 million).

At the same time, the average daily number of transactions of Bitcoin Cash is about 9% from that of bitcoin, although in March fell to 5-6%.

Earlier, the team BitMEX Research came to the conclusion that ICO-projects are unlikely to bring down the price of Ethereum (ETH) because a substantial part of the digital assets have already been sold for Fiat currency.