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Market BMX BitMart on the first day after the launch of the project “MissionX” has reached a daily trading volume of $12 million.

After the launch of its program “MissionX” cryptocurrency exchange BitMart included 13 tokens of new projects as the trading pairs for your coins BMX. The total volume of trading only these pairs during the day after the start of the project “MissionX” made $12 million the next day BitMart paid to the holders of BMX token paid dividends of $12 000. “MissionX” was launched in Russia on 1 August and became one of the most popular programs on the so-called mining transaction in Russia. Its main task is the stimulation of innovation in the industry of the blockchain. “Missions” has already attracted 14 million investment in BMX tokens from supporters of the 13 new projects recently appeared on the market BitMart.

We will remind that the program “MissionX” is a new interpretation of the model trans-fee mining or mining transactions, which is well known to owners of token Asian trading platform FCoin. Now blockchain startups that submit the applications for participation in the program and approved by the expert Council BitMart, have the right to free placement on the stock exchange, once achieved the total investment from supporters in the amount of 1 million BMX. Start-up capital can be obtained in the investment lab inside BitMart. Once the project began to meet the requirements, the token is placed on the exchange BitMart as a trading pair for BMX. Unlike classical hashing, transaction, program “MissionX” traders receive a 100% trading fees.

“Bitmart” powerfully started with 13 start-UPS, free set on the exchange in the framework of the “Missions”. They include such projects as 0x (ZRX), EOS (EOS) and Fcoin Token (FT). 0x is a Protocol and open source that allows you to trade tokens ERC20 on the Ethereum blockchain. EOS is the technology of the blockchain-a platform like Ethereum. Like Ethereum, EOS is a platform for hosting smart contracts is intended for projects are also open-source and decentralized applications, consumer-oriented (DApps). FCoin is a Chinese cryptocurrency exchange, created in April 2018. The main feature of this exchange is a fundamentally new model for mining cryptocurrency FCoin Token, called the developers of trans-fee mining.

Any project interested in the market of public listing BitMart, can submit their applications by completing the following google form: https://goo.gl/forms/pn3d84NPNlJYKCyL2.

Recall that BitMart Exchange is a leading global trading platform for digital assets in the cryptocurrency market with more than 450 000 users worldwide and the top 50 on CoinMarketCap. BitMart trades scriptactive and only yutiliti tokens. BitMart is a global team with extensive experience in the industry worldwide, including: United States, Russia, South Korea, Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong. Since the launch in March the total trading volume BitMart is more than $690 million, a daily average of $20-25 million BitMart currently offers 53 currency pairs for BTC, ETH, USDT, XLM, EOS, VEN, NEO, OMG, ZRX, IOST, ABT, AE, AISI, BBK, BTM, DPST, EFX, GNT, HYDRO, KAN, MKR, ONT, RHOC, XRR, ZIL, MOBI, and BMX.

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The website https://www.bitmart.com/ Twitter https://twitter.com/BitMartExchange Or join the Telegram — https://t.me/BitmartExchange

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