Chinese manufacturer of mining equipment, Bitmain announced that on July 22, mines cryptocurrencies on three algorithms: SHA256, Scrypt and Ethash with the processing power in 1692 PH/s 339,7 GH/s and 44.2 GH/s, respectively.

The company has not disclosed information on what cryptocurrency mining, but promised a monthly report on the amount of computing power in the program to improve the transparency of doing business.

We’ve just published our Transparency Policy for Shipping and Mining Practices. It includes our disclosure of ‘self-mining’ hashrate for all blockchains that we mine, commitment to greater transparency and zero-tolerance policy on ‘secret mining’. Read on:

— BITMAIN [Not giving away ETH] (@BITMAINtech) July 25, 2018

Given in the latest report, the data allowed experts to conclude that either for SHA256 miners Bitmain account for 4% of Hasrat network of bitcoin or the company shamelessly published false information.


At the same time in Bitmain say that they are not using for production equipment, which would not be known to a wider circle of users, and use a small batch of such equipment only for testing. Also, the company denies accusations mining empty blocks to increase the load on the bitcoin network.

Recall that last month, venture capital firm Sequoia Capital China has invested in mining giant $400 million, valuing it at $12 billion, the Company plans to apply for IPO in Hong Kong in September and expects to reach year-end market capitalization of $30-40 billion.