The Chinese company Bitmain has introduced a new miner for anonymous cryptocurrencies zcash for computing power which, according to the manufacturer, 3 times higher than those of its predecessor.

Introducing the #AntminerZ11 that packs 3X more hashing power than its predecessor! The Z11 mines #zcash for under the Equihash algorithm. Performing with a hash rate of 135 KSol/s and power consumption of 1418 W. Click here ( to learn more.

— Antminer_main (@Antminer_main) March 19, 2019

Antminer Z11 is designed for cryptocurrency mining algorithm Equihash and produces 135 000 decisions per second. The device uses a 12-nm chip, characterized by high efficiency thanks to the new structure of the internal loop that allows it to consume 60% less electricity than Antminer Z9, released in may last year. The weight of the new model compared to the previous also been reduced and now amounts to 5.4 kg.

Initially, the release of the first miner Bitmain for zcash for spawned in the cryptocurrency community discussion regarding the need to change the hashing algorithm to counter ASIC devices. In June last year at the conference Zcon0 was decided not to give priority to research in this area.

The developers of Monero went the other way and in the beginning of March held hardwork to make the mining of their crypto currencies on the ASIC miners are inefficient, causing the hash rate in its network have dropped significantly.

“In order to protect the value of the zcash for community, security, reliability and availability, Bitmain informed in real time tweets published to increase transparency, and will continue to do so when the time comes to announce the beginning of the supply Antminer Z11 of the first party,” the company wrote in the latest announcement, adding that it was expected of her community members.

A month ago, Bitmain has introduced a new 7-nm mining CPU BM1397 oriented cryptocurrencies that use the SHA256 algorithm.

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