One of the leading mining pools of bitcoin AntPool, which is under the direct control of the Chinese mining giant Bitmain and has 13.7% of the total Hasrat network on the block 540032 activated algorithm AsicBoost.


This algorithm is ambiguously perceived in cryptosuite, as it allows a 20% reduction in time and resources for mining cryptocurrency due to the removal of the mathematical operations to find a suitable hash. Since the algorithm is proprietary code and is used with permission of the owner of the relevant patent, experts see it as the risks centralization system and the contradiction of the very idea on which is built a public network of bitcoin.

Last week, according AsicBoost Block Explorer, the algorithm used in 4% of the extracted blocks, and its activation recorded from outside the top ten of the largest mining pools: F2pool, Slushpool and BitClub.

Previously Bitmain has several times been accused of using AsicBoost as a “mathematical trick” to mine bitcoin faster than it competitors. However, the company argued that AsicBoost was used only for testing and has never been applied in the basis of the network.