Chinese mining giant Bitmain has stopped the mining of cryptocurrencies on the capacity of the farm in Texas Rochdale. According to the judge of the district of Milam Steve young (Steve Young), this message was a big disappointment for the inhabitants of the region. From the company was expecting “positive news”, new jobs, income tax payments, it is widely advertised and long awaited.

In an official statement, which was circulated by the young, says that Bitmain’s firing all employees except the hr Director and two engineers, because the work of the mining farm can be continued with less ambitious goals.

“They spent millions on reconstruction of buildings. And I was told that there are already established 7 or 8 thousand servers,” added Yang.

Representatives from Bitmain in the letter, young said that the cuts are across all divisions of the company, and optimized team in Rockdale will be able after some time to restart the project on a more modest scale.

We will remind that about plans Bitmain on opening a data center in Texas, it became known last summer as the company began seeking a project Manager for a new enterprise in Rochdale on the basis of closed in 2014, the smelter, the third largest global aluminium producer Alcoa.

About a month ago, Bitmain decided to close its Israeli development center. According to some reports, the mass layoffs in the company’s divisions worldwide can be up to 50%, but in the head office of mass layoffs disprove, declaring the “adjusting the business”.