The largest South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb officially confirmed the hack, which was stolen about $30 million, and also assured the affected users that the damage will be fully compensated.

“We are convinced that a certain amount of cryptocurrency worth about $30 million was stolen. This stolen cryptocurrency will be covered from the funds Bithumb. All assets are transferred to a cold wallet” — reads the statement of the crypto currency exchange.

Bithumb said the burglary on June 20, however, later deleted these posts without explanation. This has caused concern among users, who began to make different assumptions from mock hacker attack with the purpose of tax evasion to the attempts of the exchange to avoid paying compensation to victims of hacking.

In Bithumb explained that the information was removed because the regulator has recommended a comprehensive investigation into the security breach before publishing an official statement.

Team Bithumb not only promised full compensation to the victims of the hacking, but the start of work on restoration of clients ‘ funds, which may reduce the amount of damage.

“After the incident, which occurred on June 20, Bithumb, according to the procedure, immediately notify the KISA, which reported that it was stolen cryptocurrency is worth about 35 billion Korean won. However, as we perform the recovery process for each cryptocurrency, the scale of the overall damage is reduced. Therefore, we expect that it will be less than the amount that we originally called,” — said in Bithumb.

Recall that this is the second in a month hacking the major stock exchanges of South Korea — before hackers stole cryptocurrency $37 million from crypto currency exchange Coinrail. The exchange has already announced plans to resume work in July.