The largest cryptocurrency exchange in South Korea Bithumb intends to launch trading platform in the UK.

According to the official documentation, the company Bithumb Europe with office in London was registered in the UK on 27 March. It will be headed by Rahul Khanna (Rahul Khanna) is a partner in the firm’s Canary Asset Management. The firm will own 20% Bithumb Europe, and Bithumb remaining 80%.

The Korean company may 9 posted a message on Twitter:

“Bithumb takes place in Europe and is looking for a Director, compliance officer and AML, legal adviser and Manager to work with clients office in London.”

Bithumb is expanding to Europe and looking for Head of Compliance
and AML, Legal Counsel and Customer Service Manager to be based in London,
apply here at [email protected]

— Bithumb (@BithumbOfficial) May 9, 2018

It is noteworthy that in April about the plans to open office in London said one of the world’s largest kryptomere — Huobi. Senior Manager of the company from Singapore in business development in Europe Black the Chung (Chung Chern) noted then that “London is the most active marketplace in all of Europe”.

However, some cryptocurrency companies to enter the European market prefer countries with more lenient regulatory rules. For example, the Chinese exchange OKEx first office in Europe decided to open for “blockchain island” — Malta. There is going to move your office Binance.