June 21, the South Korean stock exchange Bithumb said that you are able to reduce the damage from the robbery, which occurred this week in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday. Its members write that, although initially they reported the Korean Agency for Internet and security (KISA) on losses of 35 billion won ($31.5 million), now they hope to reduce this figure.

Staff Bithumb explained that interact with cryptocurrency exchanges and official structures to prevent future losses and return of funds. They also said that keeping the assets of the company and customers separately, and assured that their tokens on the site Bithumb safe.

20 Jun Bithumb confirmed that the perpetrators managed to access its systems and put millions of dollars in the cryptocurrency. The exchange still has not explained how technically been hacked and what digital currency stolen. Rumor has it that this token XRP.

The exchange said that remaining in the accounts of cryptocurrencies moved to cold wallets, input and output is suspended. Bithumb also promised to compensate all the losses from its own funds.

Published June 21 press release of the Korean Association of the blockchain, consisting of cryptocurrency trading platforms and startups, said that the robbery casts a shadow on the reputation of the exchanges, but noted that “willingness to compensate customers losses from its own funds — it’s a decent way to protect users.”

According to CoinDesk Korea, engaged in the investigation of the Korean communications Commission, the Korean Agency for Internet and security and national police.