Provider of solutions for the storage of scriptaction BitGo Holdings reported that investment Bank Goldman Sachs and owned by billionaire Mike Novogratz (Mike Novogratz) company Galaxy Digital Ventures invested $15 million With these funds in the end round of funding series B the company raised $58.5 mln investment. The whole project has received financial support of $70 million, which allowed him to expand the provision of warehousing over 75 scriptaction – more than $2 billion.

Proud to have @Goldman and #GalaxyDigital on our side: Goldman and billionaire Mike Novogratz are investing in cryptocurrency custodian BitGo … via @technology

— BitGo (@BitGo) October 18, 2018

Chapter established in 2013, the company Bell Mike (Mike Belshe) believes that the development of custodial areas can help reduce the anxiety of investors concerning scriptactive, which “might disappear”.

We will remind, a month ago, BitGo has announced that the Department of banking services of South Dakota approved the launch of the trust BitGo Trust, which will be adjustable by a qualified repository of digital assets that focus on institutional investors using the system security multiporpose the following policies and AML/KYC.

In July cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has opened a Coinbase Custody services for institutional investors from the US and the EU who are willing to invest in scriptactive $10 million, Then the U.S. custodian Kingdom Trust company, which BitGo intended, but was not able to purchase, insure placed on its platform cryptocurrency assets in Lloyd’s of London. In August it became known that Goldman Sachs is considering launching custodially services for cryptocurrency funds.