Blockchain company Bitfury Group is working to create apps on the platform Exonum that will allow you to create an immutable record of the actions with the user data. The decision is aimed at compliance with the EU regulation on the protection of the shared information (GDPR), which entered into force in may. About this magazine ForkLog told representatives of the company.

According to the developers, thanks to the new solution, companies can process personal data only after obtaining their explicit consent.

“All operations are performed with a cryptographic proof of and protection against attacks of intermediaries who can connect to the communication channel between counterparties (MITM), thereby eliminating the possibility of substitution of the answer from the operator data. The platform can support end-to-end encryption and to protect against data loss”, — noted in the Bitfury Group.

In this case the user information and the encryption keys will be deleted after the valid storage period.

In addition, the system will enable companies to implement an interface that will allow users to confirm the fact that store their data using a cryptographic proof.

“Our solution is targeted to companies that fall under the new regulations of the EU, could faster, safer and cheaper to perform it. This, in turn, will give users greater confidence that their personal data is protected adequately,” said co-founder and CEO of Bitfury, Valery Vavilov.

Note that the new law applies to all companies that store or in any way interact with personal data of EU citizens: websites, social networks, instant messengers and mobile operators. He also raises major data centers and IT companies that provide outsourcing services.

We will remind, in April developed Bitfury tool Crystal was embedded in a system of identification of clients of the largest Asian provider of services for the prevention of money laundering BASIS ID.