The international blockchain company Bitfury announced the integration of transactional Lightning Network payment platform startup HadePay.

According to the blog post Bitfury HadePay implemented API Lightning Peach blockchain of the company to facilitate payments in LN. This will allow for merchants in the EU, Canada and all 50 States in the US to receive payments faster and cheaper than a normal transaction in bitcoins, the statement said.

HadePay is a hybrid payment processor that allows customers to accept cryptocurrency and Fiat money, and payments through a variety of services, such as PayPal, Apple Pay, Square and others.

Payment startup worked with a team Lightning Peach β€” a specialized group of engineers Bitfury, which is engaged in the promotion of the Lightning Network.

β€œThe wide network HadePay will now be able to accept bitcoin, knowing that the transaction will take place almost immediately. Lightning Network is an important tool for effective cryptocurrency payments and we are very pleased to have brought him to global recognition,” β€” said the head of the Peach Lightning Pavel Prikhodko.

Recall that the set of products that are intended to facilitate suppliers and buyers the use of a Lightning Network, Bitfury was presented in January of this year.