Company Bitfury and PatentBot announced the launch of a system of copyright protection based on blockchain technology.

Blockchain, the platform uses digital technology and time stamps for intellectual property protection. This system provides a safe and reliable way of confirming authorship.

PatentBot is bot the Registrar of trade marks. The integration of the blockchain technology in its services will help to simplify and protect the complex system of copyright.

To obtain copyright, creators must confirm their leadership in bringing the idea to life and the existence of verifiable records the creation date and the content of the work.

Downloading your blockchain platform PatentBot, the author thereby creates verifiable digital time stamp, which will serve as proof that the user had possession of these materials at certain times. Through the use of blockchain technology, this information is protected and easily checked in the case of legal disputes.

To deploy the solution PatentBot will use the blockchain platform Exonum from the company Bitfury.

We will remind that in may in Russia EDRID has implemented a registration of copyright on the Ethereum blockchain.