On 31 August one of the leading bitcoin exchanges Bitfinex has announced that due to technical her work is suspended.

The platform has published a series of tweets, which brought the community into thinking about manipulation, here is the first publication on Twitter:

“The platform has experienced problems connecting to one of the servers. As a precaution we had to temporarily suspend trading. We work hard to restore normal operation”.

Then, in the Bitfinex account the information appeared that their main server was restarted without any notice from the hosting provider. The exchange immediately set to solving the problem, nevertheless, the services were unavailable for hours.

Also blog Bitfinex says that the problem occurred at 14:55 UTC, data is not lost, and the transaction is recorded and will be executed in turn.

According TradingView, during the announcement of bitcoin (BTC) was trading below $7000 at $ 6 910.

The indignation of the users associated with the timing of the connection issues with expired futures CME. In addition, they can’t believe that the work of the exchange in different markets is provided by the single service:

“If what you write is true, then your” hosting provider” someone paid for to manipulate the market during the expiration of futures Cme. I hope you’ll find out. If not, then shame on you. The man who restarted the server, should be arrested,” wrote one user of Twitter.

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