The crypto currency exchange Bitfinex after a pause, during which she closed for user the possibility of placing Fiat deposits, launched the “improved system for Fiat deposits increased reliability” for clients who passed the verification procedure according to the requirements of the KYC policy. The minimum Deposit amount now will be $10 thousand, and the fee for processing the transaction – 0,1%.

“We are confident that this system will be much more stable in the face of attacks by our opponents and their supporters. The ongoing campaign against us will only make our company stronger and better,” says Bitfinex.

The company claims that the new system after receiving the customer’s application for placing Fiat deposits will audit his account within 48 hours, and then to provide him with personal banking details, transferring the funds on which, during 6-10 business days he will receive them to an account at Bitfinex.

We will remind that earlier Bitfinex has denied the rumors about its insolvency, stating that “as one of a handful of exchanges operating in 2013 with a small team and low operating costs, does not understand the charges against her accusations without explanations.” Moreover, the representatives of Bitfinex provided links to three cool crypto that store “a small portion of assets” of the project ($1 billion $600 million) in the cryptocurrency.