Cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex has presented a beta version of updates to its mobile application that will provide traders with the same functionality as on the website. It also meets the requirements of the latest versions of Android and iOS devices including iPhone X, optimized for tablets and enables you to unlock by recognition of a fingerprint or face.

As explained by the representatives of the crypto currency exchange, the main task in the work on the update was to adapt the application for those people who decide the case on the go. The developers have optimized the display of columns, which are used by users of the website, under the screens of mobile phones.

“We want people to be able to get their phones – and to quickly understand the current situation”, – stated in the message of crypto currency exchange.

The app now has three color themes (blue, black and white) and two main pages: for trading and for managing the funds with collections of widgets and their filtering open orders, margin positions, pairs trading and operations history. To test these possibilities the beta version of the application, those wishing to offer after filling out a short application.

A brand new Bitfinex app is coming for on the go traders and we’re excited to let you try.
Designed to mimic the functionality of our website, traders can expect a quick and intuitive trading experience with access to all core features Bitfinex.

— Bitfinex (@bitfinex) October 30, 2018

Further development plans integrate Honey Framework to add more features for customization and to provide mobile applications for kryptomere Ethfinex and EOSfinex.

Recall that earlier this month updated mobile apps for iOS and Android devices and crypto currency exchange Poloniex. On assurances of developers, now offers users the opportunity to trade cryptocurrencies, having made only a few movements of the fingers, and enjoy the benefits of a trading platform anywhere and at any time.