The Hong Kong-based bitcoin exchange Bitfinex has launched on the basis of its hybrid platform Ethfinex new decentralized platform to trade cryptocurrency, called Ethfinex Trustless.

Introducing Ethfinex Trustless — an Ethereum based trading solution placing security, privacy and control in the hands of the user.

Take control of your trading on

— Ethfinex (@ethfinex) 17 Sep 2018

As they say in the message exchange, Ethfinex Trustless aimed at addressing the problems inherent in centralized exchanges, such as latency I/o tools, many responses from technical support and the possibility of loss of assets as a result of hacker attacks.

“Ethfinex seeks to open a new era of digital assets — an era when security, privacy, and liquidity are in the hands of the user”, — stated in a press release.

The new site will allow you to make cryptocurrency transactions without registration and providing personal data. Also Ethfinex Trustless will provide access to logs of trade requests Bitfinex and Ethfinex, thereby eliminating the restriction of liquidity.

To connect to the platform will be available wallets MetaMask, Ledger, best wallet and the Keystore.

First time in Ethfinex Trustless will be available trading pairs with Ethereum, OmiseGO, Tether and 0X. If the launch pad is successful, the Ethfinex Trustless talistic 40 tokens, including couples with steilcoom Dai, and translate the stock exchange on smart contracts 0x V2.

Also representatives Bitfinex announced that the owners of the token Nectar (NEC) will be able to make decisions regarding the functioning of the site and its future, taking including participation in voting for the listing of the tokens.

To this end, during the first two weeks after the launch of the exchange users would need to have 1 NEC in my Ethereum wallet.

“This access token ensures that we have certain information about who uses the platform, and allows us to provide immediate support if there are unexpected problems,” — said in a press release.

ForkLog previously reported that Bitfinex has launched a decentralized exchange based on blockchain EOS.

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