The information distributed cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex using the API, which is used by resources such as CoinMarketCap, contains information about the $46-48 million daily turnover in trading pair USD/USDT – non-existent in the crypto currency exchange.

Chapter Bitfinex marketing Kasper Rasmussen (Kasper Rasmussen) confirmed this situation, saying that the millions of dollars you can talk about a Deposit or withdrawal.

Head of marketing at CoinMarketCap Cherilyn Chan (Chan Carylyne) in comments to CoinDesk reported that her colleagues had already turned to Bitfinex for explanations on all provided data, but received no response.

Recall that in the last two weeks Bitfinex returned to the address, known as the “Tether storage” USDT 630 million in 6 transactions. Such movements are perceived as imperceptible release of the Tether from the market tablconv and willingness of the company to redeem USDT investors at a lower price.