January 3, 2009 was mined the Genesis block in bitcoin network. This date is considered the official birthday of the world’s first cryptocurrency. Today bitcoin was 10 years old.

Program for mining BTC was launched by its Creator, Satoshi Nakamoto. This day, along with 31 Oct 2008, when it was published the Bitcoin white paper, is considered to be one of the key dates in the history of the bitcoin community.

12 Jan 2009 the first bitcoin transaction, the recipient of which was developed by Hal Finney (Hal Finney). And later in the same year was released the first iteration of the software BTC.

In April 2012, the price of bitcoin for the first time crossed the mark of $100, and in 2013-m – $1000. In December 2017, it exceeded $20 thousand, then over the next 12 months has fallen to $3200. To date, the BTC has grown to $3848 and the market capitalization of bitcoin has reached $67 billion.

In the first quarter of 2019 scriptural expects some major events, including the upcoming launch of the platform Bakkt, the decision of the SEC on the application VANECK/SOLIDX about opening a bitcoin ETF, but it is also possible to run trading bitcoin futures on Nasdaq.

According to experts, now the market is cryptoseal, but in the long term, bitcoin’s future is bright.