In the Netherlands, three unknown persons attacked on the bitcoin-trader under the name Tjeerd H. and tortured him. About it reports the local edition of De Telegraaf.

The attack occurred late in the evening of 10 February. At that time, the victim was at home along with 4-year-old daughter. Criminals posing as law enforcement officers. They were in balaclavas and bulletproof vests with police logos.

On entering the house of the trader, the criminals threatened him with a weapon. When these threats did not work, they started torturing him with a drill, and an hour later disappeared from the scene.

The child became an involuntary witness of the incident. After the attack the father and daughter was required to aid trader due to inflicted injuries, and the child in connection with the received psychological trauma.

The victim went to the police, but the reason for the attack was not disclosed. Sources De Telegraaf confirmed that the victim is a cryptocurrency trader, but refrained from commenting on whether this incident is related to the activity of the victim and whether the stolen bitcoins, which it owns.