During mass power cuts across Venezuela, from 8 to 14 March, the people of the country continued to use bitcoin, sending bitcoin via SMS. This is reported by local cryptoanalysis.

This is crazy i could use my #cryptocurrencies over sms in the middle of the big Blackout in #Venezuela but i can’t twitt it because no Internet. this is powerful. @Cointigo pic.twitter.com/6rtVry8eb5

— Mr.WhO (@vnzonline) March 7, 2019.

Due to the lack of electricity across the country stopped working ATMs and Bank branches, people have lost access to their money. However, thanks to cellular Venezuelans send each other bitcoins via SMS.

The most popular service Cointigo that allows you to send and receive bitcoin Private Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, ZenCash and Komodo on any phone number.

For the period of the blackout on LocalBitcoins trading volumes fell by 40%, but is now back to its previous level.

We will remind, earlier in March about a possible suspension of service of Venezuelans said payment giants Visa and MasterCard.

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